Eric Bucklew with Bucklew Properties has a proven track record (over 25 years) of providing successful sales and leasing services for property owners and tenants in the Virginia Beach area.

We offer consulting, sales, leasing, development, merchant services.

Two story office building from parking lot with red flowersCONSULTING
Often, we recommend a property assessment upfront. We will assist with planning, valuations, highest and best use studies, due diligence, and market assessments. We can provide a complete and comprehensive assessment of your property.


SALES AND LEASING Outside empty retail area at night with lighting

Eric has repositioned and re-leased retail centers, office, and professional buildings, leased and developed office warehouse properties, leased and sold bank owned properties, and sold land parcels that have been rezoned for residential and multi- family developments. Today’s economy places a premium on tenant retention and aggressive marketing to fill vacancies. Eric is an experienced broker and is resourceful in identifying opportunities and creating additional cash flow. Eric will work with other successful brokers in the market area and use his skills and experience to negotiate new leases, renewals of existing leases, and secure sales contracts.

Pool area between apartment buildings with gray lounge chairsDEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES

We will help supervise projects and work directly with our client’s lender, and contractors.

shutterstock_269774948.jpgTENANT/MERCHANT SERVICES

Most of our tenants/clients need help with processing payments from customers. We help with credit card processing (receiving, tracking, and collecting these payments).